Yoga with a hernia of the spine therapeutic classes for the back

How to do yoga for the back in the treatment of herniated discs

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Yoga when herniated – real treatment for the back. But, like any other method, this treatment includes a number of contraindications, and recommendations. So take your time: let the first stage of your recovery will be information training.

What is yoga if she could do on their own?

Yoga is the correction tool body. According to experts, balance and harmony are the key to health and yoga restores these original qualities.

However inept classes can cause irreparable damage to the health of your back. To use such an unconventional method of treatment of spinal disease caution is needed and, of course, not without the help of a specialist. At least at first street classes are not recommended.

Yoga and prevention of diseases of the back

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How to breathe during exercise


I remember well my first day at the fitness club. I was terribly worried, confused movements on the step, lost the pace of weight training and is constantly puffing like a chimney. Then I thought I can't catch my breath due to nerves, lack of experience and excessive weight. However, six months later, when the experience seemingly came and the pounds started to leave, I choked on trainings. Then I began to understand how to breathe correctly. Are there any subtleties and secrets that allow stress-free and

withstand prolonged Jogging, doing aerobics or a workout in the pool? Here's what I managed to learn about it from the coaches.

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The Buteyko method in the treatment of bronchial asthma

Currently a non-traditional method of treatment of asthma - Buteyko breathing became widespread around the world.

Officially in the health of the USSR, the Buteyko method is applied since 1985. Since 2006, the method adopted in the health care system in the UK

for the treatment of asthma, where the popularity of the method added full recovery of Prince Charles.

Many doctors come to Moscow Buteyko clinic to apply the elements of the method in their practice.

Another Chinese philosopher of antiquity, Lao Tzu said, "the Breath of the perfect man, as if he's not breathing". And Japanese samurai put a feather around her nose and gave the command to breathe so that the feather did not move.

K. P. Buteyko in the 60 years of the last century found that the incidence of asthma attacks among asthmatics depends on the deficit of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air of the lungs. Continue reading

How to maintain weight after weight loss

Many who wish to find harmony, seriously concerned about not only how to lose weight, but how to keep the weight off when the extra pounds will go away.

How to lose weight and keep the weight off: preliminary preparation

To the extra pounds did not return several times faster than it took, good care of this before you start to diet.

First, should take seriously the choice of most diets .

Sometimes those that lead to the fastest results, are very harmful to the body, and is beautiful and healthy body you risk getting a lot of trouble in the form of disturbed metabolism, shedding hair, skin rashes, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

This is not the kind of result you seek? Therefore, this question is better to discuss with a specialist-an endocrinologist or nutritionist. The doctor on the basis of the conducted research Continue reading

How to choose a trainer for home

After another bout of self-criticism you've finally decided to part with excess weight. Well, that's very commendable, but where to start?

Mentally you tried all possible ways to lose weight . But it turns out that to go to the pool once, to sit on a diet my health, and Jogging in the morning is a heroic feat, which you can't.

What is the simulator?

According to the survey, most buyers simulators

on only the first 2-3 months . Not received the expected result, they drop classes. The trainer stands in the corner, collecting dust on itself or serves as a towel rack.

Before you buy a simulator, remember, fitness is a sport for the patient . and only regular training will produce results. If the effect on employment is not, then blame the trainer is pointless . The reasons can be two: either you are not intensively worked or has not chosen a piece .

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